Where Capitol Hill Dines

Please note these menus are subject to change without notice.


Royal Sea Bass Cru
sliced raw with summer melon, radish, avocado
mousseline and watermelon espelette sorbet  14.50

Beet Salade au Citron
roasted heirloom beets with chèvre, orange supremes,
walnuts, upland cress and champagne vinaigrette  13.50

Salade Lyonnaise
chicory-frisée lettuce with applewood smoked bacon,
poached egg, croûtons and warm sherry vinaigrette  13.50

Tarte Forestière
roasted mushroom tart with shallot marmalade,
goat cheese, pancetta and verjus reduction  13.00

Steak Tartare Attila
hand-cut raw sirloin with quail egg, porcini
mushroom aïoli and garlic potato chips  14.50

Endive Salade Chardenoux
crisp pear, honey spiced yogurt, roquefort blue,
peppered walnuts and walnut vinaigrette  12.75

Salade Panaché
mesclun with toasted almonds, manchego, cauliflower,
apricots, sunflower seeds and banyuls vinaigrette  11.50

Onion Soup Les Halles
rich beef broth with caramelized onions,
sourdough croûtons and gruyère cheese  11.50

Moules Marseillaise
steamed bouchot mussels with fennel, garlic,
tomato, saffron, pernod and fresh basil  13.75

Fricassée d’Escargots
burgundy snails with garlic, sunchoke purée,
fennel, seville orange and puff pastry  14.75

Confit de Canard
crisp duck leg with pommes lyonnaise, frisée,
pickled cherries and honey-thyme gastrique  19.50

Bis Burger
creekstone beef on brioche with applewood bacon,
onion confit, comté cheese and pommes frites  17.50

Salade Grecque
with chicken breast, grilled romaine,
sunny side up egg, pickled peppers, olives,
feta cheese and lemon-oregano gelée  19.50

Tuna Salade Niçoise
rare seared tuna with shaved fennel, olives,
haricots verts, fingerling potato, roasted peppers
and anchovy-red wine vinaigrette  22.50

Galette de Crabe
two jumbo lump crab cakes with spring onion, fava beans,
asparagus and tarragon-mustard beurre blanc…mkt. price

Nouilles Provençale
bucatini with summer squash, peppers, roasted
tomato, eggplant, pine nuts and basil pesto  19.75

Poulet Rouge Basquaise
joyce farm red chicken with chorizo saffron pilaf, garlic,
tomato, picholine olives and smoked paprika jus  22.50

Potato Crusted Halibut
with summer bean ragout, bacon lardon, scallion,
zucchini, sweet corn coulis and red pepper jam  24.50

Trout l’Ardenaise
sautéed with capers, lemon, crisp ham, haricots
verts, pommes château and parsley-brown butter  19.75

Steak Frites
pan roasted certified angus sirloin strip with pommes
frites, field cress salad and red wine shallot buter  25.50

Pour la Table
Pommes Frites   8.75
Haricots Verts with hazelnuts  9.00
Wild Mushrooms sauté bordelaise  10.75
Pommes Mousseline with truffle butter and chives  9.00
Gratin of Macaroni with gruyère  8.50
Broccolini with balsamic, chili flake and pecorino  8.75


Bis Lunch beginning 6-25-2018